Vaping: what you need to know

Vaping is more healthy as compared to smoking cigarettes, according to many people. It doesn’t mean, however, that vaping is any better than smoking tobacco. Vapers also have less inflammation in their lungs, with most symptoms of COPD disappearing within the first 30 days of using. Vaping helps people quit tobacco.

The number of smokers has been steadily declining over the past few years, with only 15% of the adults in the United States still smoking. Many are opting for vaping in lieu of tobacco, which may be more appealing as a substitute for gum or patches, since they feel like they’re holding something in their hands, rather than sticking something in their mouth.

Vaping is a better alternative to smoking cigarettes if you are looking to quit. Some doctors advocate vaping for their patients instead of smoking cigarettes because it’s significantly healthier. There are students who use vapes in college dorms, without being caught as smoking cigarettes are banned within twenty feet of the building, however when you smoke instead, no one will be able to discern. A lot of people believe that vaping is all about flavor. But, despite the fact that there more than 7,000 different flavors, the sole product you’ll inhale is propylene glycol as well as vegetable glycerin.

Propylene glycol as well as vegetable glycerin are not particularly harmful to you. Although they can cause dry mouth nausea, vomiting and diarrhea, if taken in large amounts, they are safe to breathe in.

There are more than 7,000 chemical compounds in cigarettes. Some of them are toxic and can cause cancer. If you’re thinking of switching to vaping or be more informed about it, go to your local vape shop! You can try all the flavors and meet people with similar interests at vaping conventions all across the US. Vaping is a craze that’s continuously growing in popularity . You can join the excitement!

Benefits of vaping over smoking

Vaping is more than just an alternative to smoking which is healthier. There are numerous benefits to vaping over smoking. Most of us are not aware of this fact, however it’s the truth!

Let’s look at 5 benefits of vaping for your health than smoking cigarettes.

1) Smoking tobacco doesn’t cause you to cough in the same way as vaping

It might come as no surprise however, if you’ve gone through both cigarettes you’ll realize that “smoke” emanating from tobacco leaves a bit to be to be desired. These puffs make your lungs and throat seem like they’re on fire. Vaping does not have the brutality that traditional smoking cigarettes is known for; there’s no burning sensation while vaping since vapes don’t combust [burn] material (the vaping “juice” is heated until it is vaporizedThe vaping “juice” is heated until it vaporizes.

2) Vaping makes it easier to breathe than smoking cigarettes.

It is clear why cigarettes smoke can damage your lung. Smoke from cigarettes contains thousands of chemicals that can cause your eyes to burn and your throat to be irritated. It’s not just smoke as much as what you’re inhaling. It’s possible that you’re thinking, “Well, no one said this would be easy!” You could consider, “Well, no one has ever said that it would be simple!” But when you consider how difficult it is for smokers following an exhausting day at work smoking e-cigarettes could seem like an option.

You can stop smoking cigarettes by vaping

This is one of the primary reasons why vaping has grown in popularity over time. You may be wary of vaping if are an addict who is looking to quit. After all, it’s just another form of smoking! But what many users don’t realize is that vaping can be much safer than smoking. The nicotine is still in your lungs similar to smoking a traditional cigarette, however vaping is much less harmful than smoking.

4.) Vaping has helped thousands of people stop smoking cigarettes

Many people are turning to vaping in order to stop smoking cigarettes. Vaping is a fantastic way to kick smoking. Vaping reduces gradually your dependence of nicotine. A lot of smokers don’t want cigarettes as much now as they did prior to smoking vape.

5) Vaping doesn’t stain your teeth as smoking does

We still can’t believe this one, but it’s true. The chemicals in cigarettes are incredibly harsh and if you don’t clean your teeth after each cigarettes, there’s an excellent likelihood that you’ll end with stained or yellow teeth. Smokers have experienced this, and it’s something they wish they had known prior to. Because there’s no smoke, vaping isn’t the cause of any of these ailments.

We’ve covered the difference between smoking and vaping in this article. We hope you’ve gained a better understanding of the distinctions between smoking and vaping to make informed decisions about your habits with nicotine. Contact us for more information about either of these methods or for help choosing the right one for you. Our team of experts will be happy to assist you with any questions or provide suggestions based on what they learn from speaking with you.

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